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Three amazing days | Mountains | Bertie’s interior

I wrote this yesterday but had no internet at the top of the Zugspitze!!!!

Thursday 22nd April | 16.05

Writing from on top of a mountain at 3000 metres. The last three days have been utterly incredible and most beautiful of my time out in Garmicsh… The Zugspitze an unpredictable and yet striking when sunny, has delivered us both a great day today and a stormy day on Tuesday where the whole crew and cast were evacuated from the mountain. Driving around on a skidoo with Felicity in a white out was hilarious the very cool boarder drove at high speed at the horror to the 1st AD and DOP who found this all rather dangerous… I suppose it was – but so much fun!

We had to wait an hour for the train in the restaurant at the top so we ball had a wrap beer and took the party train back down the mountain.

Wednesday was a big day for me personally. Phil was extremely sweet and asked if I would be the bar lady in the Bertie’s interior scene. So I got taken in to costume were I was placed in a biker jacket given silver hoops and an orange bikini top to wear under a strappy black top so that I had a little colour. Hehe I thought I looked pretty funny! But the cast were really proud and supportive. Thinking I was only to be in the background I was surprised when I was taken to make up as I had been asked to do Kim’s beats at the bar when she is ordering funny drinks… it was close up!!! Oh shit – now don’t over act kitty – keep it cool!

Still by Danny Burrows – Berties Bar | I am the Barmaid! yay!!!

I did and believe I was ok ! So funny being in scenes when you know the cast and crew so well. You just have to stay so professional and just take a leap of faith and go for it… as for me, if it makes the cut – I had achieved some short beats, a few mere seconds with a fantastic actress – miss felicity Jones!

Tom Williams | Writer   –   Phil Traill | Director

Was brilliant how many of us have had a go at being in the film even Phil and Tom got to be extras in Bertie’s Bar which had been named after Tom’s lovely wife gave birth mid-shoot. We are going to give him the sign as a present for sure!

After the day of filming in a hot – super sweaty underground bar with all the 100’s of extras… myself, Tamsin and the wonderful Georgia King! OMG – yes she came back after what was a month away in the UK shooting another film. Georgia is one of those girls who is just the life and soul she is so funny, kind and giving as a person and lights up a room when she walks in. I literally leaped out of the car when we pulled up to set on the Wednesday morning and bounded over to my fabulous friend! No shock there – I am always far too over dramatic and many of the crew laughed as they ate their breakfast.

Sharing the stories of the last four weeks and what tam, felicity and I had been up to Georgia was keen to make up with lost time and got stuck in. It was just so cool to have the girls all back together again on set!

This morning was another terribly early start with 5am my alarm startling me from my sleep, whilst getting dressed blind in the dark I through on anything and throw everything into my bag for the day’s excitement. I bloody love going up the mountain… there is a difference in the feeling with the crew and cast, especially when it is as beautiful and crisp as it has been today. With 50 sunblock on, I still have managed to burn my nose.

Harriet Rees | Producer –      Kitty | ME! (with our extreme white lip balm)

There was a moment on the T-bar today when I was playing the YEAH YEAH YEAHs in my ears looking up at the skyline and taking in the view….

I made a promise to never forget these moment and the amazing memories I have made whilst being on location for the last 2 months.  Its one of those things that when you miss you family, friends – boyfriend…. You sometimes want to jump on the first plane home for a hug after a long week – but when you look around and realise that today you get to ski to the office! hehe and be surrounded by the beautiful mountains you really do  remember just how lucky you are. And today had me one of those moments where you stop and think, and know you will savor that moments as secret unexplainable treasures, forever.

Today on set has been an added bundle of  extra human activity with the beloved Tom Williams, our amazing writer who has just been getting totally stuck in – he adds so much value on set and is someone who I defo wanna hang out with in London. Phil and him are kindred spirits and great fun to be around… the Irish pub later will be a blast!

Tom Williams | Writer – On set as an extra.

I have also been getting to know the Roxy riders and their team photographer Matt george – – he is very cute and like all the riders far too cool.

There was our new super trendy and “street” Stills guys Mr. Danny Burrows who works with OnBOARD magazine –

Matt George | Danny Burrows

I have fallen in love with his work as some of his pictures will be the perfect snaps for Freuds our PR company in London who has been dying to make a choice on the first released… watch this space for some hot looking Ed and Felicity shots…

Speaking of Press, there was a press call on the Tuesday will a lot of the german press, here is a cheeky peek at one of the group pics but don’t tell anyone… ok!


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Volcanic Ash & Bollywood

Waking up this morning I am still wondering how the words, my flights been cancelled because of the volcanic ash – have made it into the same sentence… Sophia and Austin over dinner last night were laughing with us as we planned their escape from Garmisch – Partenkirken!

The Volcano has really effected the logistics of being on location for this film… With a few actors that needed to get home and even more importantly actors that are needed to get here!

Yesterday Sophia and Austin decided to go on an adventure to try to get back to the USA this involved driving to Italy which I thought personally was a great idea and such a fun one… as if they were stuck there at least it’s like having another holiday as Italy is just amazing! I almost jumped in the car with them.

Rewind back to my last blog and Friday and for those interested we did indeed manage to celebrate the wrap of Nick and Sophia both thursday with a dinner in the favourite Steakhouse… Tecmers!

And then on friday with huge success due to the night shoot we were able to gather a whole group of people… for peaches! We all had lots of fun dancing our soaks off and throwing crazy shapes to some hip hop and gangster rap… the perfect way to end a fab week, and with Ed & Nick DJ-ing the dance floor was heaving.

Waking up early on Saturday morning we decided to try to meet for a brunch and got the whole gang back together for a breakfast before Sophia, Austin and Nick took off back to the USA, only by the time we met up it was clear that no one was going anywhere… having eggs, bacon and soft rolls we drank gallons of orange juice to wash it down after our late night dancing. With a stroll around the pedestrian area we casually entered a few shops, popping into our favourite vintage store where a few Escarda jackets were tried on, Tamsin almost brought another one – the pink jacket and the black one with huge diamond buttons is just to die for… what a find! That girl loves her fashion… This was followed by Sophia trying on yet another fake fur to take back to LA with her… she is just in love with them. I guess being a vintage store in Garmisch in the heart of the mountains you are bound to have some serious furs to hand for the tourists.

Walking along we tried on a few pretty balarinas and decided french soles were worth the wait… they just have more on offer then the range that they had in Garmisch. Tamsin showed us all to a jewelery store which was like the German answer to an upmarket Clares accessories… huge amounts of jewelery set out in colours with a pearl section for me and a gold and chunky section for Tam – we all were collecting as much “junk” that we could, I left with a ring, anklet oh so 90’s – and some very cool pearl droplet earings which are killer…

After some retail therapy and a long walk through town we swaned over to the Irish bar to see our friend Paul who works behind the bar most days… its become a bit of a common room for us. You can be sure to find a crew or cast member lurking and watching a game… Football is on apparently everyday.

Sitting out in the sun we talked over a white wine Spitzer about the film and what we thought was going to happen when it came out… along with general gossip and plans for the future months. Nap time creeped around the corner and we all went home for showers and sleeps before convening at the Indian restaurant – “BOLLYWOOD” – which felt fairly fitting for the americans and so right for the rest of us who have eaten shintzal for over a month now and really needed a change of meal.

It was delicious!!! Mango prawns are a dish I just havent had in the uk – and with a lack of sag aloo to both mine and Tamsins devastation we settled with trying some local German Indian treats… which were just scrummy!

Phil our director joined us, he is so cool.. so much so that he managed to get us playing Telephone after dinner… for those of you who aren’t american and dont know what this is – us brits call it – Chinese wispers. For a bunch of young adults full of curry and jasmine tea this was one of the most histerical moments to date… with the outcomes being un-writable I am affriad… but for all the best reasons.


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Day 22 | bits and bobs!

Sat on Set with a whole heap of extras in some seriously good-looking snowboarding get up. A few Skateboards have also been seen on set and have been being used by the crew to get them looking used… rather then brand spanking new… if you have ever tried Skateboarding you will know just how differcult it is… getting on one this afternoon was a joke… Marcos and Sibylle laughed fairly hard at my half hearted attempt in moving across a car park… so not my thing. Luckily Felicity doesnt have this problem and was given lessons by the the king of skating before she arrived in Austria back in feburary. So she has some moves…

Last night was nice as the Cast who weren’t working all decided that a trip to the local “Crocophant Circus” would be a great idea, which it was… Apparently the Germans are ok with elephants, tigers and even crocodiles in their performances… Some of the pictures and videos that I saw last night in the pub were insane. We had all congregated into the Irish bar for yet another football match – I never knew there were so many games on – Spurs vs. Arsenal, was a great match and good fun for the guys who support neither and therefore decided to pick teams to cheer on…. Although around half way through Joe our 1st AD dropped in after wrap  as he is a big spurs fan and was ecstatic when his team won against Arsenal for the first time in 10 years…..

Today has been pretty easy-going with Tara and Felicity on set  – it’s fairly incredible how much Felicity has to work on this film being the leading lady she is actually working everyday bar one. She is so wonderfully focused and is always filled with so much energy. She is an inspiration to watch and work with.

Spoke to Costume today about the brands and clothes that they have used and discovered that Jack Wills are in the film. This is pretty huge news as they have a strict policy surrounding advertising and don’t really ever get involved in anything bar their own events. So we are officially the first film to be using the Jack Wills clothing. This is amazing and something I was really taken back by. I used to work for Jack wills way back when they were small and had three shops, 2 of which were on the coast of England and then the one I was working in, on the Kings road in London Chelsea. So I was fully aware of how they wanted there Brand to be exposed through the use of word of mouth.

It will be Nick and Sophia’s last day on Friday and I feel like we should all be going out for drinks only the wrap time is 11.30… have sent out a text to try to arrange something nice for them to do and see what the general thoughts are so will keep you posted on how it turns out… I mean if people are keen for a replay of last friday then I guess we should do it… it would be a good way to see them off… I shall miss both Nick and Sophia so much. They have been absolutely amazing and huge amounts of fun.


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Pina colada’s with Bill Nighy

Wraping at 7pm a quick taxi ride to the hotel, dumping bags, picking up clutches and a little lip gloss…Helmet the heavy metal taxi driver pulls up and we all jump in.

Helmet has been a favourite among the cast, especially with Mr.Nighy who was the first to discover this Top Taxi driver.  Bill stumbled across Helmet and took to him immediately when he pulled up to collect him after Disco bowling. Playing heavy metal and talking music – he became Bills Taxi driver for the rest of his time here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

So Monday night was Bills leaving dinner, starting off as a couple of the cast wanting to have a final meal with the legend, as his stories are just incredible and he is oh so funny… The boys had made a bit of a bond with him over football and music. So after a few text msg were exchanged we had quiet to banquet on our hands… with the producers popping in for a pina colada and a Thai dish to celebrate what a pleasure it had been to have had Bill on Board.

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Disco Bowling | Peaches

After a four-day week we were all ready to let our hair down last friday and enjoy the half way up the mountain party or rather the “burgfest” as the Germans would call it. It is German tradition to have a party exactly half way, to celebrate reaching the top of the mountain before having to get back down… which of course  is always faster and quicker.

Ed |DOP                                  Phil | Director                         Joe | First A D

Seeing as I had been placed as party planner of the film I went about making some key decisions on where I should possibly take 70 crew and cast for a few drinks and a good time.  The answer was obvious.

D I S C O   B O W L I N G !!!!

The first night I arrived in Garmisch, Tamsin, Ed and I decided that we should go exploring to begin our German adventure.  With options such as Billy’s table dancing club, Peaches nightclub or Bowling I figured we should probably hit the lanes…?! We   had the most incredible time even if it felt as if we had pull a “Good night sweetheart” and walked through the doors to enter Garmisch circa 1950. It was honestly the most fun and due to our tales of glow in the dark balls, beers bigger then you can drink and chicken wings… there had been a general buzz on set about going back there with a much bigger group.

Friday swung round really quick and after wrap I wondered down to pitch up at the bar and await the arrival of everyone. By 9pm we had a buzzing crowd of happy crew drinking and dancing whilst launching balls down the lanes to try and achieve, Strike. The cast had arrived slightly later due to a well-deserved dinner and therefore almost missed the bowling, luckily caught the last half hour and I have to say Brooke and Ed were on fire…

Keen to move the party on into the night we decided to dig a little deeper into the social scene of Garmisch-Parkenkiren… if you have ever been or know of this back-ward bariavan place you will realise just how funny this is! What social scene… ahaha… well when there is a will there is a…. (way) Peaches night club….

Erica, felicitys stand in, a local girl who is in fact American (her father works on the army base) seemed to know what, if anything, this tiny town had to offer to the likes of Brooke, Bill, Ed, Nick, Sophia, Tamsin and the lovely Felicity…

Peaches was a place that actually was pretty awesome. I think Braun said – “have we just walked into tropical Germany?” With us all feeling pretty excited about this new venue, in true Chalet Girl style we dominated the room and created our own dancefloor within seconds…  the tallest man on set, Nicholas Braun stalked his was to a small opening between the two bars, throw a few shapes and within seconds the place was pumping even the DJ started to crack out some serious tunes…. Thinking this was it, we stayed in the first area until the discovery was made that for a mere 5 Euros we could get into Peaches Night club. Perfect. We all piled down stairs to the den of blue and purple lighting and dripping plastic chandeliers – this special decore was just what we needed… With our producer, Director and 1st AD the first to hit the dance floor we are got invovled in a huge dance off to the sounds of Euro Electro – something that germany is extremely keen on…

Not wanting to stay up till three am listening to trance the boys decided to ask the owner to bring down the Hip hop DJ an hour earlier to get the place really pumping! After a but of negotiation we were breakin gangster moves to Dre and Jay Z…

Graham & Pippa | Producer        Lazslo Kitty Sam | Crew   Ed & Nick | Cast

This half way party is something that I do happen to feel that the Germans have got right. As the bonds you make after an event out like this are ones that tend to mould you together more closely.

On set on Monday there was a lot of talking and sharing of stories… one of which entailed Nancy in Costume losing her keys… very funny but I can say that she has a new pair now and is able to get back into her appartment. Poor thing.

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EPK Crew | Behind the scenes

EPK    OR    Electronic Press Kit    OR    to keep it real simple the guys who capture the DVD extras | hidden features | PR and Press content for the film.  This includes interviews with the Celebs, Director, Producers etc.

Our EPK team of three  |   Timo, Gendle and Wilson are all doing the most insanely cool job. They are a trio who have a background in filming famous snowboarders, gold medal Skiers and most importantly the Roxy Ridders. Who have come to do their first film EPK and have in the last two days been directing Nighy and Shields in their own comedy sketches… getting Westwick to sing and Jones dancing up a storm…. I honestly believe that Timo and Gen could get any of us to do anything – they are just brilliant!

Check out there YouTube channel as well for some of the funniest videos I think I may have ever seen – this could be an exaggeration but really there is some innovative and breaking comedy boundaries hidden in this secret undiscovered chest of YouTube jewels! I have even seen the birthday videos, valentines day videos and music videos that they have made with some hot talent over the years, and sometimes staring themselves.

Timo | Gendle | Jasmin

Chalet Girl Film have employed them to make some seriously funky EPK material, not that Dry choppy interview extras which have the same question and answers… oh no! We are going to be turning that content upside down and splashing it with young fresh and happening terminology – words like… sick, wake, twisted have been heard by some of the least of likely people.

Capturing the cast dancing, singing, free styling and even creating their own comedy sketches… I can not wait to see the final product of their efforts… I guess it’s all about relationships in these situations. If you get to hang out and spend time with the cast, you are then able to get them between takes and on lunch breaks for those classic moments which everyone would kill to see.

So watch this space people and look out for this dream team as Lockdown projects have been ripping it up in St Anton & Garmisch & will be back again in a week for our highest location yet, when we hit 3000 meters to get those final snow-covered scenes. – Timo !!!

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Irish Pub – Man U vs. Munich

An exciting game with an incredible opening where 2 goals were scored to get all the Brits throwing energy across the water from the table in the little Irish bar. With our German crew many of who are from Munich piling in to watch the game along side us, tensions were high.

Mr. Nighy even popped down for the action, which was no surprise seeing as he is an extreme fan of the Footy. Braun & Westwick sat either side and they all got stuck into the match whole heartedly.

I would continue on this journalistic rant about who scored which goal and the reactions in the bar but to be honest we all saw the game and if you didn’t I am sure you can see a run down of the goals on Sky Sports or even YouTube. I guess Football is just, football to me – although you didn’t hear me say that! I have to admit it was extremely exciting when that first goal for Man U went in, I actually jumped out of my seat, throw my hands high and yelled at the screen… if my boyfriend would have been there he would have died – I am just not the sport watching type. Only there is a strange thing that happens to a person when they are placed in a foreign enviroment where the stakes are raised and for some reason for a whole 90 minutes the game matters.

As soon as the game was over, scores were combined and as it happened we had won the battle but lost the war… a few moments to contemplate this were shattered by the music in the bar being turn on and up! “Its coming home” blasted out of the speakers and that traditional english song played out to the bar of celebrating german fans – we burst out laughing… how is it that the germans have our football song as their own? – totally wierd and yet kind of appropriate at the same time. I guess I had just imagined some kind of Bavarian / german vocal…

As soon as the game was over we stayed for a bit of fun and a shot of tequila Cinnamon and Orange… oh yes – apparently – as informed by our 2nd AD – it’s the only way to do them. And I think he might be right. This was a far better experiment and a much tastier one! Who actually started the whole Lemon and Salt thing anyway – it really isn’t very nice and kind of makes you feel a little queasy. Cinnamon and Orange makes tequila quiet moorish.

Side note for those interested: Apparently Mexicans typically put lime juice and salt on everything. So it is possible that at some point an American, met a Mexican… who put salt on a lime and sucked it while drinking tequila as Mexicans will literally suck salt off of a lime while eating or drinking anything. Or maybe some American just invented it.

Anyway enough about the boozing and back to the film!

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Chalet girl on Set

Thinking back I probably should have started this sooner but with all the amazing amount of things going on, travelling through the mountains and  of course learning to ski! I really didn’t find the time, I guess I was having too much fun. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was offered to leave the big smoke and travel to a tiny mountainside town and work on my first feature film. I remember vividly asking friends… when did work suddenly become a holiday? As everyday however hard felt like the biggest gift.

It wasnt until we arrived in Garmisch and settled into this Bavarian ski resort town that I suddenly wished I had written it all down. The Mooserwirt Party, Crazy kangaroo, The naked Sauna, Swimming at night in the mountains, learning to Ski, skiing, dinners, drinks, bike rides, bowling, Billys table dancing club (don’t ask – although some of the best memories that, yes, do include pole dancing and being kissed by a stripper) EPK crew, Press, Pr, radio… there had been so much that had happened and I hadn’t touch a key to type it.

So I shall now start to attempt to fill you in with the adventures of making a film in the mountains.

I figure blogs are for writing up to the second action so I will only look back fondly on the adventure of St Anton at moments where a memory should be retold or shared to bring emphasis to a new antidote being unravelled. Or if you ask keen for any of the above stories I may post a little tale or two for amusement. It just seems a shame not to share some of the most memorable moments in the first two weeks.

As St Anton was the most perfect place to get your game on and bond with all the new and brilliant people I have met since being here. Especially the Cast who have made being one of the youngest members of the crew such a ridiculously “cool” experience… can you say cool? AHahaha- I am such a douchebag… but it is possibly the most insanely “cool” job I have ever had.

Speaking of which they will probably kill me for sharing some of the hilarious times we have had and will come later, but when you are sat between the star of Gossip Girl and Star of One tree Hill, in your first week of being the assistant to the producer, eating Sadle of Wild Boar and drinking your second bottle of red, singing Hotel california… you have to question how you got here and what the hell is going on?! So I am sure they wont mind… will they?

I guess this is just a small and muddled introduction to allow me to introduce myself and why hopefully my tales of Chalet girl on set might be of interest to you…

As I seem to have been given the role of…

Assistant to Producers (importantly)

Friend to the Cast (Brilliantly)

Party Planner (obviously)


Now writer of on-line content and media…. (Surprisingly!)

So if you are interested I will try my very best to keep in touch and keep you updated on the adventures of Garmisch-Partenkirchen!

TO COME: Tonights football game Man U vs. Munich

I will report back on scores, banter and Jager consumption from on set tomorrow. When I will most likely be nursing a hangover! TBC.


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