Chalet girl on Set

Thinking back I probably should have started this sooner but with all the amazing amount of things going on, travelling through the mountains and  of course learning to ski! I really didn’t find the time, I guess I was having too much fun. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was offered to leave the big smoke and travel to a tiny mountainside town and work on my first feature film. I remember vividly asking friends… when did work suddenly become a holiday? As everyday however hard felt like the biggest gift.

It wasnt until we arrived in Garmisch and settled into this Bavarian ski resort town that I suddenly wished I had written it all down. The Mooserwirt Party, Crazy kangaroo, The naked Sauna, Swimming at night in the mountains, learning to Ski, skiing, dinners, drinks, bike rides, bowling, Billys table dancing club (don’t ask – although some of the best memories that, yes, do include pole dancing and being kissed by a stripper) EPK crew, Press, Pr, radio… there had been so much that had happened and I hadn’t touch a key to type it.

So I shall now start to attempt to fill you in with the adventures of making a film in the mountains.

I figure blogs are for writing up to the second action so I will only look back fondly on the adventure of St Anton at moments where a memory should be retold or shared to bring emphasis to a new antidote being unravelled. Or if you ask keen for any of the above stories I may post a little tale or two for amusement. It just seems a shame not to share some of the most memorable moments in the first two weeks.

As St Anton was the most perfect place to get your game on and bond with all the new and brilliant people I have met since being here. Especially the Cast who have made being one of the youngest members of the crew such a ridiculously “cool” experience… can you say cool? AHahaha- I am such a douchebag… but it is possibly the most insanely “cool” job I have ever had.

Speaking of which they will probably kill me for sharing some of the hilarious times we have had and will come later, but when you are sat between the star of Gossip Girl and Star of One tree Hill, in your first week of being the assistant to the producer, eating Sadle of Wild Boar and drinking your second bottle of red, singing Hotel california… you have to question how you got here and what the hell is going on?! So I am sure they wont mind… will they?

I guess this is just a small and muddled introduction to allow me to introduce myself and why hopefully my tales of Chalet girl on set might be of interest to you…

As I seem to have been given the role of…

Assistant to Producers (importantly)

Friend to the Cast (Brilliantly)

Party Planner (obviously)


Now writer of on-line content and media…. (Surprisingly!)

So if you are interested I will try my very best to keep in touch and keep you updated on the adventures of Garmisch-Partenkirchen!

TO COME: Tonights football game Man U vs. Munich

I will report back on scores, banter and Jager consumption from on set tomorrow. When I will most likely be nursing a hangover! TBC.



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4 responses to “Chalet girl on Set

  1. Aaaahhh!! Brilliant, well written too old chap! …be debauched and sinful for all of us in boring old London ;P … talking of which Mr Parker quite rightly suggested I be more ‘wholesome’, so I have just taken down all the sexual content from my blog and other stuff :/ …remedy productions are still up for testing me too which is ammmmaazing!!

    We are going to be fabulous arent we XD …at least I hope to catch up with you! xx

  2. Katie

    Looking forward to the tales tomorrow Kitty x.

  3. Ireen


    i’m from Baveria and had to laugh a lot about your experiences in good old Germany.:D

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun.Germans aren’t party-pooper(s) at all,right?:)

    As for the film…can’t wait to see it.It sounds very interesting to me and I really can’t wait to go to the cinemas.:D

    And…sorry for those in the crew who are ManU fans and had to watch their team losing the quarter-final.
    Sorry buddies, but it was SO clear to me that the “reds” can’t attend the CL-Final every damn year.

    Sorry.^^ It will be FC Bayern München vs. Barcelona this year!:)

    Greets to Sophia Bush,Austin Nichols and the rest of the whole crew!I really hope you experienced some great months in Garmisch!

    Sry for my crappy english by the way.Good night!Ireen…(who’s already a fan of your movie!)

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