Irish Pub – Man U vs. Munich

An exciting game with an incredible opening where 2 goals were scored to get all the Brits throwing energy across the water from the table in the little Irish bar. With our German crew many of who are from Munich piling in to watch the game along side us, tensions were high.

Mr. Nighy even popped down for the action, which was no surprise seeing as he is an extreme fan of the Footy. Braun & Westwick sat either side and they all got stuck into the match whole heartedly.

I would continue on this journalistic rant about who scored which goal and the reactions in the bar but to be honest we all saw the game and if you didn’t I am sure you can see a run down of the goals on Sky Sports or even YouTube. I guess Football is just, football to me – although you didn’t hear me say that! I have to admit it was extremely exciting when that first goal for Man U went in, I actually jumped out of my seat, throw my hands high and yelled at the screen… if my boyfriend would have been there he would have died – I am just not the sport watching type. Only there is a strange thing that happens to a person when they are placed in a foreign enviroment where the stakes are raised and for some reason for a whole 90 minutes the game matters.

As soon as the game was over, scores were combined and as it happened we had won the battle but lost the war… a few moments to contemplate this were shattered by the music in the bar being turn on and up! “Its coming home” blasted out of the speakers and that traditional english song played out to the bar of celebrating german fans – we burst out laughing… how is it that the germans have our football song as their own? – totally wierd and yet kind of appropriate at the same time. I guess I had just imagined some kind of Bavarian / german vocal…

As soon as the game was over we stayed for a bit of fun and a shot of tequila Cinnamon and Orange… oh yes – apparently – as informed by our 2nd AD – it’s the only way to do them. And I think he might be right. This was a far better experiment and a much tastier one! Who actually started the whole Lemon and Salt thing anyway – it really isn’t very nice and kind of makes you feel a little queasy. Cinnamon and Orange makes tequila quiet moorish.

Side note for those interested: Apparently Mexicans typically put lime juice and salt on everything. So it is possible that at some point an American, met a Mexican… who put salt on a lime and sucked it while drinking tequila as Mexicans will literally suck salt off of a lime while eating or drinking anything. Or maybe some American just invented it.

Anyway enough about the boozing and back to the film!


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