EPK Crew | Behind the scenes

EPK    OR    Electronic Press Kit    OR    to keep it real simple the guys who capture the DVD extras | hidden features | PR and Press content for the film.  This includes interviews with the Celebs, Director, Producers etc.

Our EPK team of three  |   Timo, Gendle and Wilson are all doing the most insanely cool job. They are a trio who have a background in filming famous snowboarders, gold medal Skiers and most importantly the Roxy Ridders. Who have come to do their first film EPK and have in the last two days been directing Nighy and Shields in their own comedy sketches… getting Westwick to sing and Jones dancing up a storm…. I honestly believe that Timo and Gen could get any of us to do anything – they are just brilliant!

Check out there YouTube channel as well for some of the funniest videos I think I may have ever seen – this could be an exaggeration but really there is some innovative and breaking comedy boundaries hidden in this secret undiscovered chest of YouTube jewels! I have even seen the birthday videos, valentines day videos and music videos that they have made with some hot talent over the years, and sometimes staring themselves.

Timo | Gendle | Jasmin

Chalet Girl Film have employed them to make some seriously funky EPK material, not that Dry choppy interview extras which have the same question and answers… oh no! We are going to be turning that content upside down and splashing it with young fresh and happening terminology – words like… sick, wake, twisted have been heard by some of the least of likely people.

Capturing the cast dancing, singing, free styling and even creating their own comedy sketches… I can not wait to see the final product of their efforts… I guess it’s all about relationships in these situations. If you get to hang out and spend time with the cast, you are then able to get them between takes and on lunch breaks for those classic moments which everyone would kill to see.

So watch this space people and look out for this dream team as Lockdown projects have been ripping it up in St Anton & Garmisch & will be back again in a week for our highest location yet, when we hit 3000 meters to get those final snow-covered scenes.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeJstqsnJR4 – Timo !!!


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