Disco Bowling | Peaches

After a four-day week we were all ready to let our hair down last friday and enjoy the half way up the mountain party or rather the “burgfest” as the Germans would call it. It is German tradition to have a party exactly half way, to celebrate reaching the top of the mountain before having to get back down… which of course  is always faster and quicker.

Ed |DOP                                  Phil | Director                         Joe | First A D

Seeing as I had been placed as party planner of the film I went about making some key decisions on where I should possibly take 70 crew and cast for a few drinks and a good time.  The answer was obvious.

D I S C O   B O W L I N G !!!!

The first night I arrived in Garmisch, Tamsin, Ed and I decided that we should go exploring to begin our German adventure.  With options such as Billy’s table dancing club, Peaches nightclub or Bowling I figured we should probably hit the lanes…?! We   had the most incredible time even if it felt as if we had pull a “Good night sweetheart” and walked through the doors to enter Garmisch circa 1950. It was honestly the most fun and due to our tales of glow in the dark balls, beers bigger then you can drink and chicken wings… there had been a general buzz on set about going back there with a much bigger group.

Friday swung round really quick and after wrap I wondered down to pitch up at the bar and await the arrival of everyone. By 9pm we had a buzzing crowd of happy crew drinking and dancing whilst launching balls down the lanes to try and achieve, Strike. The cast had arrived slightly later due to a well-deserved dinner and therefore almost missed the bowling, luckily caught the last half hour and I have to say Brooke and Ed were on fire…

Keen to move the party on into the night we decided to dig a little deeper into the social scene of Garmisch-Parkenkiren… if you have ever been or know of this back-ward bariavan place you will realise just how funny this is! What social scene… ahaha… well when there is a will there is a…. (way) Peaches night club….

Erica, felicitys stand in, a local girl who is in fact American (her father works on the army base) seemed to know what, if anything, this tiny town had to offer to the likes of Brooke, Bill, Ed, Nick, Sophia, Tamsin and the lovely Felicity…

Peaches was a place that actually was pretty awesome. I think Braun said – “have we just walked into tropical Germany?” With us all feeling pretty excited about this new venue, in true Chalet Girl style we dominated the room and created our own dancefloor within seconds…  the tallest man on set, Nicholas Braun stalked his was to a small opening between the two bars, throw a few shapes and within seconds the place was pumping even the DJ started to crack out some serious tunes…. Thinking this was it, we stayed in the first area until the discovery was made that for a mere 5 Euros we could get into Peaches Night club. Perfect. We all piled down stairs to the den of blue and purple lighting and dripping plastic chandeliers – this special decore was just what we needed… With our producer, Director and 1st AD the first to hit the dance floor we are got invovled in a huge dance off to the sounds of Euro Electro – something that germany is extremely keen on…

Not wanting to stay up till three am listening to trance the boys decided to ask the owner to bring down the Hip hop DJ an hour earlier to get the place really pumping! After a but of negotiation we were breakin gangster moves to Dre and Jay Z…

Graham & Pippa | Producer        Lazslo Kitty Sam | Crew   Ed & Nick | Cast

This half way party is something that I do happen to feel that the Germans have got right. As the bonds you make after an event out like this are ones that tend to mould you together more closely.

On set on Monday there was a lot of talking and sharing of stories… one of which entailed Nancy in Costume losing her keys… very funny but I can say that she has a new pair now and is able to get back into her appartment. Poor thing.


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