Pina colada’s with Bill Nighy

Wraping at 7pm a quick taxi ride to the hotel, dumping bags, picking up clutches and a little lip gloss…Helmet the heavy metal taxi driver pulls up and we all jump in.

Helmet has been a favourite among the cast, especially with Mr.Nighy who was the first to discover this Top Taxi driver.  Bill stumbled across Helmet and took to him immediately when he pulled up to collect him after Disco bowling. Playing heavy metal and talking music – he became Bills Taxi driver for the rest of his time here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

So Monday night was Bills leaving dinner, starting off as a couple of the cast wanting to have a final meal with the legend, as his stories are just incredible and he is oh so funny… The boys had made a bit of a bond with him over football and music. So after a few text msg were exchanged we had quiet to banquet on our hands… with the producers popping in for a pina colada and a Thai dish to celebrate what a pleasure it had been to have had Bill on Board.


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