Day 22 | bits and bobs!

Sat on Set with a whole heap of extras in some seriously good-looking snowboarding get up. A few Skateboards have also been seen on set and have been being used by the crew to get them looking used… rather then brand spanking new… if you have ever tried Skateboarding you will know just how differcult it is… getting on one this afternoon was a joke… Marcos and Sibylle laughed fairly hard at my half hearted attempt in moving across a car park… so not my thing. Luckily Felicity doesnt have this problem and was given lessons by the the king of skating before she arrived in Austria back in feburary. So she has some moves…

Last night was nice as the Cast who weren’t working all decided that a trip to the local “Crocophant Circus” would be a great idea, which it was… Apparently the Germans are ok with elephants, tigers and even crocodiles in their performances… Some of the pictures and videos that I saw last night in the pub were insane. We had all congregated into the Irish bar for yet another football match – I never knew there were so many games on – Spurs vs. Arsenal, was a great match and good fun for the guys who support neither and therefore decided to pick teams to cheer on…. Although around half way through Joe our 1st AD dropped in after wrap  as he is a big spurs fan and was ecstatic when his team won against Arsenal for the first time in 10 years…..

Today has been pretty easy-going with Tara and Felicity on set  – it’s fairly incredible how much Felicity has to work on this film being the leading lady she is actually working everyday bar one. She is so wonderfully focused and is always filled with so much energy. She is an inspiration to watch and work with.

Spoke to Costume today about the brands and clothes that they have used and discovered that Jack Wills are in the film. This is pretty huge news as they have a strict policy surrounding advertising and don’t really ever get involved in anything bar their own events. So we are officially the first film to be using the Jack Wills clothing. This is amazing and something I was really taken back by. I used to work for Jack wills way back when they were small and had three shops, 2 of which were on the coast of England and then the one I was working in, on the Kings road in London Chelsea. So I was fully aware of how they wanted there Brand to be exposed through the use of word of mouth.

It will be Nick and Sophia’s last day on Friday and I feel like we should all be going out for drinks only the wrap time is 11.30… have sent out a text to try to arrange something nice for them to do and see what the general thoughts are so will keep you posted on how it turns out… I mean if people are keen for a replay of last friday then I guess we should do it… it would be a good way to see them off… I shall miss both Nick and Sophia so much. They have been absolutely amazing and huge amounts of fun.



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4 responses to “Day 22 | bits and bobs!

  1. Tom Williams

    Just found your blog Kitty, loving it! How come it’s not coming up on Google? Do you need to do something with metatags or something like that? I’m sure some of the (growing number of) online fansites would love to hear how it’s all going… Anyway, I’m coming out on Wednesday and Thursday for a bit of Flirty Bertie’s action, look forward to catching up with everyone then – feeling very left out at the moment!

    • Tom! Thanks so much… means a lot that you had sa read of it! Yes will get metatagging today so that it comes up more…

      Been doing fairly well tho – as we have had messages from all over europe and the usa…

      When do you arrive out here. We are all really looking forward to you coming and congratulations on the new baby boy, Bertie – great name! You must be so proud!

      Much love! xx

  2. emilie

    I love this blog.
    Can’t wait to see the movie and the behind the scene videos.
    The way you talk about the cast and crew, you must all be having a great time!

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