Volcanic Ash & Bollywood

Waking up this morning I am still wondering how the words, my flights been cancelled because of the volcanic ash – have made it into the same sentence… Sophia and Austin over dinner last night were laughing with us as we planned their escape from Garmisch – Partenkirken!

The Volcano has really effected the logistics of being on location for this film… With a few actors that needed to get home and even more importantly actors that are needed to get here!

Yesterday Sophia and Austin decided to go on an adventure to try to get back to the USA this involved driving to Italy which I thought personally was a great idea and such a fun one… as if they were stuck there at least it’s like having another holiday as Italy is just amazing! I almost jumped in the car with them.

Rewind back to my last blog and Friday and for those interested we did indeed manage to celebrate the wrap of Nick and Sophia both thursday with a dinner in the favourite Steakhouse… Tecmers!

And then on friday with huge success due to the night shoot we were able to gather a whole group of people… for peaches! We all had lots of fun dancing our soaks off and throwing crazy shapes to some hip hop and gangster rap… the perfect way to end a fab week, and with Ed & Nick DJ-ing the dance floor was heaving.

Waking up early on Saturday morning we decided to try to meet for a brunch and got the whole gang back together for a breakfast before Sophia, Austin and Nick took off back to the USA, only by the time we met up it was clear that no one was going anywhere… having eggs, bacon and soft rolls we drank gallons of orange juice to wash it down after our late night dancing. With a stroll around the pedestrian area we casually entered a few shops, popping into our favourite vintage store where a few Escarda jackets were tried on, Tamsin almost brought another one – the pink jacket and the black one with huge diamond buttons is just to die for… what a find! That girl loves her fashion… This was followed by Sophia trying on yet another fake fur to take back to LA with her… she is just in love with them. I guess being a vintage store in Garmisch in the heart of the mountains you are bound to have some serious furs to hand for the tourists.

Walking along we tried on a few pretty balarinas and decided french soles were worth the wait… they just have more on offer then the range that they had in Garmisch. Tamsin showed us all to a jewelery store which was like the German answer to an upmarket Clares accessories… huge amounts of jewelery set out in colours with a pearl section for me and a gold and chunky section for Tam – we all were collecting as much “junk” that we could, I left with a ring, anklet oh so 90’s – and some very cool pearl droplet earings which are killer…

After some retail therapy and a long walk through town we swaned over to the Irish bar to see our friend Paul who works behind the bar most days… its become a bit of a common room for us. You can be sure to find a crew or cast member lurking and watching a game… Football is on apparently everyday.

Sitting out in the sun we talked over a white wine Spitzer about the film and what we thought was going to happen when it came out… along with general gossip and plans for the future months. Nap time creeped around the corner and we all went home for showers and sleeps before convening at the Indian restaurant – “BOLLYWOOD” – which felt fairly fitting for the americans and so right for the rest of us who have eaten shintzal for over a month now and really needed a change of meal.

It was delicious!!! Mango prawns are a dish I just havent had in the uk – and with a lack of sag aloo to both mine and Tamsins devastation we settled with trying some local German Indian treats… which were just scrummy!

Phil our director joined us, he is so cool.. so much so that he managed to get us playing Telephone after dinner… for those of you who aren’t american and dont know what this is – us brits call it – Chinese wispers. For a bunch of young adults full of curry and jasmine tea this was one of the most histerical moments to date… with the outcomes being un-writable I am affriad… but for all the best reasons.



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  1. lolla

    Any pictures?

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