Coming home…

Driving through the valleys, over lakes and rivers we are on our way home from 7 weeks of an incredible adventure among the Alpine mountains… taking in the beautiful scenery that has surrounded us for so long I am sat with felicity, Phil and Ed quietly breathing in the last moments and contemplating the overwhelming excitement of seeing loved ones within a few hours. We are on our way home.

It’s a truly peculiar feeling to finish being on location and being a first for me it was not easy.

A bubble…

A family…

Bonded by situation

On arrival to your new surroundings you are nerves and unsure of what to expect, barriers are up and all around are new rules and regulations. Being new to a film is much like being new to a culture or like having to learn a new language… due to the high pressure enviroment you learn it quickly, your survival instincts are forced to kick in.

I think it’s this shock to the system that propels everyone forward and brings the team closer together, emotional highs and lows are unable to be hidden and a sense of loyalty and a need to protect your fellow team-mate starts to become innate.

I think the first time you are able to breakdown the professional barriers or create deeper levels of understanding within your crew are within the social experiences – your play time.  Out for dinner, over that first bottle of wine when stories, thoughts and feelings start to reel off uncontrollably and a new sense of relaxation sets in… of course you get the fear the next day… did I say too much, should I just have left that last glass and gone home…But snt this the same within any new relationship; friends, lovers… the office christmas party!

It was the half way party when it all changed from an affection to true love for the Chalet girl crew. Peaches night club in Garmisch was the stomping ground for not only some serious dancing but some serious bonding and I think we have all been glued together ever since.

Which is why as I starred out the window with my sun glasses on and drove out of the car park in  Kaunertal on that final day Friday 30th April I tried to hide the tear roll down my check. Why is it that the body feels the need to make it hard to swallow a goodbye? I guess it was that this magical and for me life changing experience was over. That the people would be forever left in the bubble of Chalet Girl, which would now be a memory.

Am I being over dramatic, maybe? But so were the mountains, the back drop to this tear as it rolled down my cheek.

I digress…

We drove that saturday morning through Austria and then through germany which led us back into Garmisch as I looked at the streets and roads we had made our home for those few weeks I was shocked that now they were left so empty. Felicity broke the silence “can you even imagine being the only one of production left here?” she was right without our family without the hundred people who had made this place our home there was no “Garmisch” as we knew it as we had created it.

The excitement from this point kicked in! We were going home!



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2 responses to “Coming home…

  1. Petra Cruz López

    Hello! I wonder if Felicity Jones have any official site and if you can share, please.

    Thank you very much.

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