Wrap party London Meza & Mahiki

UK wrap party was a huge amount of fun. Finishing the last day of the 7 weeks of shooting in Roehampton with Felicity trying to open a Dom P champagne bottle seemed kind of apt as endings go.

There was a feeling of great triumph as we wrapped the feature and even tears from our darling producer Harriet Rees as the final take was captured on film of the baby that she started to nurture all those months ago.

With hugs and kisses flying across the room we all gathered up our things and piled into cars to get over to Soho. Rushing up stairs with boxes from the shoot we managed between us to get everything piled in to our tiny office on Wardour St. With a quick change of clothes in my bag and a slap of the juicie tube upon my lips I used my already mangled hair to my advantage and went for the Kate Moss just rolled out of bed look and slipped into my heels… with 5 minutes to go and only 5 steps down the street to our first location…

We arrived for dinner at Meza Floridita


We had all the most important people there… Pippa, Harriet, our fabulous director – Phil, Ed Wild the slightly sexy DOP (cough) a few of the crew and my buddy and photographer of the last 6 days shooting – Stu McCardle. The party had arrived and food was needed well it arrived after a few delicious french martinis, a mojito and a glass of water for good measure… but both the cocktails and the dinner were just what we needed.

I think it was perfectly timed and I especially was delighted when the cast of Miami Vice walked in… my boyfriend and his friends. Named appropriately by my boss and producer, Harriet due to their pink shirts rolled up linen trousers, boat shoes and let’s be fair there ridiculous Guns… biceps, bulging muscles… that are just too sexy…. (cough – again maybe just me?! or is it just a Sloane thing… )

So we then ate mussels, haha – not theirs – drank more wine and got fairly jolly… Felicity our leading lady, starlet, beauty and new best friend swaned in around 11pm – oh so fashionably late – No no, she had been at an engagement party and then as promised had dashed from her artist boyfriend caught a cab and got stuck into the wild excitement that was the party to end all parties.

Seeing as it was 11pm we kind of thought it was best to take Miami Vices advice and catch our own cab over to the final destination, or so we thought… Mahiki! That funny club that makes you feel like you should be in Hawaii, were the bar men wear flowers on their shirts and grass skirts… but all the same it seemed like a great option for dancing.

As we pulled up I jumped out of the cab and announced the parties arrival to the fairly friendly looking gay guy in fur at the door, how very sex in the city – he escorted us to our table where the champagne was to start to pour!


After a few hours of drinking champagne through straws out of chunks of melon in a chest that only pirates could find on a deserted island – of course this at 2am is perfectly normal… we decided to wonder over to Stu’s house on beak St. Location 3 – perfect!!!! Picking up a bottle of wine and some cigarettes we swayed arm in arm down the cobles of Carneby st, home. Heels in hand and handbag under the other arm we arrived at his 6 floored town house in the heart of Soho… don’t ask why my friend lives in such a bachelor pad he just does and it is – just – awesome to be able to call on him when you have lost your wallet and need a sofa to sleep on, or if your Stu’s friend the choice of a few rooms  – its like a private members club for Stu’s friends only.


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  1. Going to Floridita Soho is an official pastime of mine. The place is so lively and chilled, perfect to kick off a Friday night in London.

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