Dinner @ Phils | Maggies & VQ | Congratulations Tamsin!

Last night was just spot on… one of those ‘quiet’ nights out where you think you’ll be in bed before 10pm with your boyfriend curled up and in your Calvin klien pj’s… this was not what happened on the 20th May – something quite different occurred.

It was around 4pm when I was asked if I could possibly jump in a car and swing by Phil, my Directors house, with a few bits from the office… his bag, lost hat and Crew hoodie that was left behind when we went shooting out on the official wrap party. So as a good girl I jumped in a cab and swaned over to the beautiful house swap that he has acquired as his new London pad in swanky North West London… I had been promised dinner for my adventure over to his and the lovely Valentina – there LA Nanny who is also a great friend now would be there to fill me in on the weeks gossip. FANTASTIC.

So I settled in for a glass of vino, a fillet of fish and some sweet potato chips when my phone buzzes. Looking over the baby in my arm (George is so cute and the spitting double of Phil)  I spy that it is TamTam telling me that she has got the part in what I later decide is a ridiculously good new show and starts shooting far too soon and that I and all her friends are welcome to celebrate the great news at a pub in central london over a strawberry beer. I looked up from my phone,  shoot a look at Tini… ‘Beers?’

It was only 8.30 when dinner was done which I have to say was followed by a delicious , early… so we through on some clothes and jumped in an  Addison Lee – which Tom if you are reading this… my black cab over to Tini’s from Work was £17.60 and Ad- Lees adventure into town cost me £13… POINT PROVED! – sorry…


On arrival, I jumped out the cab and walked down the street to a pub with a crown on it… looks about the right venue for Tamsin… ‘Tini we are looking for legs and a lot of blonde hair… 3, 2, 1… Got her!   T A M S I N!!!!!’ Lots of shreeking and jumping happened as being girls its our way of showing true appreciation for each other… I think the more ridiculous the more love to be witnessed!

Meeting up with Tam in London was lush – in our normal clothes we both looked a hell of a lot more trendy and ready to spill all sorts of stories of La, London and Cannes. Met lots of her friends – of course there had to be one which I already knew… and lots who I will look to get to know much better. Really top network of quality people surround her.

So Zaff, one of Tams buddies decided that we simply had to get ourselves over to the ‘sickist’ club that recently opened on the Fulham road… Maggies. After a few ums and arhs it was agreed that it was needed. Zaff being far to smooth meanwhile had ordered more Addison Lees and as we are finishing our drinks two black vans pull up to collect us. S M OO T H moves.

So we whizzed over to the land of the Sloane and pulled up to Maggies in Style, opening the door 6 girls saunter over to the bouncers and rather fastly growing que and are ushered downstair without even a hesitation to our table – or should I say rubix cube… which is you don’t mind me saying was ‘SICK!’

With sweets and crazy waitresses in 80’s outfits and Maggie thatcher talking to you whilst you are taking a tinkle… this small and intimate members club in Fulham is seriously NOW.

The drinks menu is even in one f those binocular sets that shows you pictures as you click a lever to your right.. its mad.

As we tae our seats a small fire works display is going off around a bowl that you could keep some rather large fish in… This bowl of fruit and ice is then covered in champagne and vodka where around 20 tall straws are placed. GET INVOVLED. we did… and we danced to every classic 80’s song you can think of and more that you can’t.

As my friend said to me when I BBM’d her from my bed this morning wishing it was saturday – not friday… no rest for this wicked….  – Kitty babe, if its good enough for the royals… its good enough for ME! And you know what I just so happen to agree.


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