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I have been really bad at keeping this up throughout the Post Production stage of the movie but it’s also super hard to keep a blog about Negs being moved from Germany to London & ADR being arranged down an ISDN line due to our actors being in New York, LA, Australia and Las Vegas shooting for their new jobs… although I should say listening to Ed Westwick make Ski-ing noises down a line in the studio the other day did make me laugh, really felt him believing he was on the slopes.

So what has been exciting during this editing process. Well for me it has been the Music. After some very exciting meetings, I was asked to attend along with the producers son to give the younger generation opinion on what music choices had been made so far…

When you think of the soundtracks that shoot out over the last two years you might think of JUNO… 500 days of summer….  Both with the old and unforgettables and those new underground finds that are now huge and super cool. How did they do that?! As what I am slowly finding out it really isn’t an easy job putting music to picture, but boy when something works does it take the visual leaping up to a new level.

With in JUNO you feel like those songs are there at the beginning logged within the director’s mind embedded in the mood and choices he has been making since the words of the script had jumped from the page. Maybe the director is listening to a particular album that month, or is simply inspired by a track he hasn’t heard before playing on the radio?

So what I have seemingly learnt so far is that the defining differences between a good soundtrack and terrible one, is imagination, being cleaver in your choices & making way for new, fresh breaking talent. Luckily for us our Director is super cool and loves trying out the new and interesting so Chalet Girl is now starting to not only look pretty snappy but sound pretty slick too!

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