Thanks Total Film !!

So due to being a technological f***wit I totally missed the email sent from my lovely producers saying that Total Film had totally popped a link, in an article about Chalet Girl, to my Blog! BRILLIANT!!!

I love this Magazine…

A huge THANK YOU to you Total Film for giving us a shout out. And what a super sexy surprise, my mum and dad will be proud!

(( although actually I am not sure this is really the right thing they should be reading. If anyone should meet them please say that I am very serious and important and work long hours in glamorous job in London. Partying – don’t have time 😉

Kind of got me thinking that if my WordPress was a child, I would have had ‘the social’ over to take my darling Mac away due to being an unfit mother… I have been neglecting my Blogchild in exchange for Post production coordinations… well and along with a few parties, a premiere, extra shoots at T4, photo shoots of cast and general made to do duties…. boring kind of stuff… nothing really worth writing about…

So in a bid to win back my devoted readers of the good old St Anton days along with the bid to gaining some new ones… I am turning over a new leaf. Total film you have re-inspired me to get typing!


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