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Check out the latest interview for the blog with Georgia King spilling all on her thoughts of the film and her adventures whilst filming it.

Totally awesome content and pictures for you to see!


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So fantastic news! Chalet Girl is being released in the UK on the 18th of Feburary 2011. I literally can not contain my excitment. The press release has gone out and the start of the run up to the film has begun.


This February, strap on your board and take to the slopes with CHALET GIRL. An ice cool comedy filled with laughter, romance and kick-ass snowboarding!

Feisty 19 year old Kim Matthews (Felicity Jones) takes on the challenge of her life when she lands a job as a chalet girl in a glitzy ski resort in the Alps.

Assigned to live and work in the luxury chalet of successful businessman Richard Masden (Bill Nighy), she spends her days cooking, cleaning and catering for his family. Propelled into a world of wealth, fun and endless parties, Kim is utterly baffled by this new way of life. Finding it hard to grasp all the rules and be accepted by her uber-posh co-worker Georgie (Tamsin Egerton) she quickly finds herself way out of her depth.

To make matters worse, she finds herself falling for her boss’s son Jonny (Ed Westwick.) Gorgeous, charming and talented there’s just two problems –Jonny’s ice-princess girlfriend Chloe (Sophia Bush) and his scheming mother (Brooke Shields.)

With few friends to turn to Kim takes to the slopes where she discovers the thrills of snow-boarding and a natural talent.  Filled with a new found confidence she enters the resort’s biggest Pro-boarding event of the year.

As the competition draws nearer and Jonny and Kim grow closer it looks like her luck is finally changing. But Jonny’s family have other plans for his future and they could turn Kim’s world upside down.

Packed with breathtaking snowboarding action and stunning locations, CHALET GIRL is a hilarious and touching story about finding a talent, staying true to yourself and achieving your dreams.

The stellar international cast includes Felicity Jones (Cemetery Junction), Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Bill Nighy (Love Actually), Brooke Shields (Blue Lagoon), Tamsin Egerton (St. Trinians), Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) and Bill Bailey (Black Books.)

CHALET GIRL is directed by Phil Traill from an original screenplay by Tom Williams and produced by Pippa Cross and Harriet Rees.

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A cup of Vin Chaud, Henry Holland & our friends Roxy!

Love it! So the Roxy team were on top form and had as ever been there darling selves and invited us Chalet Girl-ers over to a little drinks celebration for the Roxy & Henry Holland line of – OH so desirable clothes.

It was a truly fabulous event where we had the likes of Jodie Harsh DJ-ing and the mixing of the Roxy outdoorsy with the East london set… awesome.

I had brought down two of the posh girl from the film Daisy & Kaye and together we had the most exciting times drinking glasses of Vin Chaud and talking to the fashionistas under the Roxy tent. Harriet our Producer was there and got stuck into a conversation with Henry Holland himself. Who was off on a ‘work’ recce with the Roxy Team for some fun, sorry guy no giving away their super cool location here. I have a feeling should a sequel take place we will be seeing some of Hollands hot leather jackets and heart cashmere cardigans on our cast for sure…

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Brand Screening

Last night we had two screenings for Chalet Girl, both were for the Brands who have worked with us and the Brands that want to join us in the run up to release. Very exciting.

It was a roaring success with an actual applause at the end of both! Apparently that never happens.

I think the best quote of the evening was when one of the Red Bull girls came over and said that she loved it so much she now wanted to do a ski season! The Alps better look out as a huge wave of gap year students are going to be heading to a Chalet soon wanting to grab the once in a lift time Kim experience… becoming a pro-snowboarder & bagging the man of your dreams all by easter 2011!

This screening was also a great chance to invite our two lead actors agents both Ed Westwicks agent & Felicity Jones Agent came along to finally see what had been produced and were both really pleased.

I was truly taken back as I was watching the film as if with new eyes last night as it was the first time I had seen it since the soundtrack had been completed, the reels locked, Special effects added, been graded and the titles sequence / out takes had been added either end it was just incredible.

So proud of the film and now can not wait till the premiere come Feb 2011!

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Bye Bye Phil…

Monday 4th of October was a most awesome evening. Starting with cocktails in a favourite haunt of mine, Frevds… ever been? You should go!

After a long day in the office, having arrived from Paris that morning I was shattered but had managed to be granted an hour for a disco nap on the office sofa before throwing on my new vintage Parisian dress and a touch of mascara to meet the gang.

Phil’s last night in london.

A super cool venue for drinks set in an industrial enviroment underground it is always full of  new artists work on its walls and arty types in there. Pretty trendy and a very relaxed atmosphere this was often a place I would of once taken first dates as either way – should I be overly nerves or bored out of my mind at the very least I would be able to drink my way through it. There cocktails are just out of this world!

After one of these superb cocktails in frevds, which had Phil exclaiming, ‘why had I never taken me out here before!’, we were off to Soho house.  We walked over from covent garden in to the heart of Soho and took a seat in the round bar for champers to toast to our very lovely, will absolutely be missed, one of a kind Director.

As when it comes down to it I don’t think many producers can honestly say that at the end of every film project they can get through to the other side and be sat round a table in soho house having dinner with their writer & director all having the most amazing evening… Well we did just that.

Felt really special to be one of the remaining five people who have been on this amazing journey. As I sat there with both my producers, Harriet Rees & Pippa Cross along with Tom Williams our lovely writer and Phil I can safely say this was not a work do more like a drink with friends.

Dinner was super, with a seriously good bottle of red to wash down some tastie Lamb!

Not a group to have ever had a quiet night, Harriet had a final card up her sleve…down the road in Piccadilly was the after party of Mr. Nice which had just premiered that evening.

A hop skip and a jump from Soho house we were entering the after party at the Criterion.

As soon as I arrived there were a fair few familiar faces with our first AD Joe Geary looking extremely dapper with his lovely Lucy on his arm in a killer green dress. As I popped outside for some fresh air to catch up, I was joined by a seriously handsome chap who just so turned out to be none other than Rhys Ifans star of Mr. Nice.


So we hung out for a bit before I started to say things like ‘your much better looking in real life’ and thought best be getting back inside before I end up looking stupid or saying something really offensive. All in all though he was a super nice guy and I can totally see what Sienna Miller saw in him for sure!

By about 1am I had about given everything I had left after my weekend in Paris for Nuit Blanche so I called a cab gave Phil a very Kitty speech on how I loved him dearly would miss him clearly and would count down the days till the premiere come February!

Kissed everyone with us outside, I am sure there were people I didn’t now in the group… I strutted my stuff to the Addison Lee car waiting for me and drove off to Fulham to bed!

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