Brand Screening

Last night we had two screenings for Chalet Girl, both were for the Brands who have worked with us and the Brands that want to join us in the run up to release. Very exciting.

It was a roaring success with an actual applause at the end of both! Apparently that never happens.

I think the best quote of the evening was when one of the Red Bull girls came over and said that she loved it so much she now wanted to do a ski season! The Alps better look out as a huge wave of gap year students are going to be heading to a Chalet soon wanting to grab the once in a lift time Kim experience… becoming a pro-snowboarder & bagging the man of your dreams all by easter 2011!

This screening was also a great chance to invite our two lead actors agents both Ed Westwicks agent & Felicity Jones Agent came along to finally see what had been produced and were both really pleased.

I was truly taken back as I was watching the film as if with new eyes last night as it was the first time I had seen it since the soundtrack had been completed, the reels locked, Special effects added, been graded and the titles sequence / out takes had been added either end it was just incredible.

So proud of the film and now can not wait till the premiere come Feb 2011!


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