HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! www.chaletgirl-movie.com

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the lack of exciting news over Christmas. Need to catch you up on everything that is going on…

Here in the London office we have been collecting all the exclusive un-seen content for you all to get your hands on… I am sooo excited it’s going to be amazing – as we have an interactive trailer coming out next week where you will be able to see behind the scenes and get up to the minute information on all the cast and crew.

Along with new pictures, video’s and interviews.

So all in all I promise to update with new tales of adventures with the cast as soon as this is out the door. In the meantime please check out our website that went live TODAY!



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2 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! www.chaletgirl-movie.com

  1. Davidat34

    ….. not to mention all those adventures wagging their “tails”

  2. Davidat34

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation” since Jan 12 – now Jan 20.

    Is that normal or are all on the piste?

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