Get yourselves over to

This new interactive trailer for the film is jam packed with hidden content, gossip and messages from both the cast and crew.





As soon as you have liked something it comes up below with the other suggested likes for it. Who knows what little gems you will find or cast footage that is.

Would love to hear your thoughts and feeling on this new and exciting way to view the trailer.

Enjoy guys – I even think there are a few competitions on there. So get searching!

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  1. Vanessa

    I can’t say enough just how much I love the advertising for this movie: creative, clever and very cute. At last, I’d been snooping youtube and google for the last few weeks so the “interactive” bits weren’t new to me.

    However, I quite enjoyed trying to click all the likes whiles watching the trailer. Some of them are quite tough to click on time! (I’ll add sly to my list of compliments regarding the advertising. You certainly found a way to make sure people watch the trailer more than once. :D)

    Looking VERY forward to the movie and am quite anxious that it gets a US release (in the meantime, I’ll console myself with rewatching the trailer again).

    In short, great job and I am looking forward to more tidbits that might come! ( Cough! More photos please! A Jonny clip or Ed interview would also be nice. Cough!)

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