What a weekend… yes thats right my working week has just started, on a wednesday! haha… Luckiest girl in the world I was invited to get a flight at the crack of dawn on Friday  morning to Munich where that evening we would be celebrating the film premiere of POWDER GIRL. I wasn’t travelling alone, it was the 6am flight with the lovely Tom Williams (Writer), Pippa & Harriet my awesome bosses and their husbands who are also, awesome… (clearly I have been spending too much time with snowboarders).

On touch down in Munich we made our way over to the Charles Hotel to meet up with our German producers, Felicity, Ed, Phil (director) and Ken Duken! So in love with him… what a totally awesome guy!

So after a morning in Munich, stopping off for, would you believe ‘elevenses’ in the only English tea shop in Munich which the lovely concierge at the hotel suggested for us… scones, clotted cream and jam were enjoyed before a nice walk to stretch our plane legs.

The evening was a huge success with drinks at the hotel before off to hit the red carpet and have our ear drums burst with the screaming girls who had showed up for Ed. Wow they were super excited to see him.

Having never seen our film dubbed we all took advantage of watching it on the big screen with the 950 people who had come to see it. It was fantastic! I have never laughed so hard and learnt so much German from already knowing what was being said in english. Although some of the rude jokes in the film were translated to me and wow the slight changes did make them pretty funny. No wonder we were getting even bigger laughs in Munich.

After the film they presented the cast and producers with flowers and then off we went to the after party in a huge and rather amazing venue were they had a room for food which didn’t stop all night, drinks were flowing and even jager-bombs were being served. It was in all AMAZING and we really felt truely special and very looked after.


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