Chalet Girl is out TODAY!

What a whirl wind of commotion and excitement. Chalet Girl is in all the cinema’s as of TODAY.

Here at the Chalet Girl offices we are super revved up and have all our fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed for a successful first weekend.

In the meantime we are all dying to hear your thoughts as you all go and attending the first screenings today and want to know what you enjoyed the most, did Westwick woo you and more over would you tell your friends to go and see it too!

Post your comments below so that we can get an honest and real reaction.

We really do hope you all love the movie as much as we loved making it and hope that for a couple of hours you can sit back and enjoy the ride!



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2 responses to “Chalet Girl is out TODAY!

  1. Ellie Whittington

    I saw Chatlet Girl today and loved it. Ed Westwick is defiantly one of my favourite actors and I pretty much religiously watch Gossip Girl. It was great to hear his English accent. Bill Nighy plaid a great comedy role and I always love any film with him in. Tamsin Egerton was amazing and plaid the best chalet girl.
    Rich boy falls in love with poor girl is always a bit of a cliché, but everyone still loves it. I though Ed Westwick and Felicity Jones’ acting was truly believable (although I must say I do really think Blair Waldorf is the only girl for him).
    I loved the setting and thought it was beautiful. Skiing and snowboarding are amazingly fun sports.
    All round I thought the film was brilliant. Amazing cast, amazing set. Perfect mix for a cringey love story with great comedy.
    I would suggest this to all my friends and anyone else (especially Ed Westwick fans).
    Five stars from me.
    P.S. I love you Ed Westwick xx

  2. Davidat34

    Saw it in Leicester Square last night (our 48th wedding anniversary). We’re not exactly your target audience but we loved it!

    Well done Phil.

    David & Diana

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