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Facebook Likes & Twitter Followers

As you can see we have only got 605 of you amazing Chalet Girl fans supporting the twitter feed… etc get a campaign going so that the rest of you Ed lovers, Felicity fanciers & Tamsin adorers to follow Chalet Girl and start commenting on what is coming up in the run up to the release. So far we have had a few naughty preview clips and sound juicy behind the scenes footage which I know you are keen to see. But the guys running the facebook page are holding more stuff back untill we get more of you involved and LIKE’in this and FOLLOW’in that.

Its embarrassing that we only have 1634 people who like us on facebook. I know we can do better than that and I am pretty sure that the majority of you just aren’t aware that this is now where the good content and exclusive content will be coming from.

So get involved, click the links below and support this wonderful british Rom-Com that is going to be hitting your screens SUPER SOON – 16th March!



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So I just realised that I hadn’t welcomed my social networking partner of the Chalet Girl page on facebook…


Please everyone go over and ‘Like’ the page and check out the pictures & video content that we will be uploading on the run up to release.

As if as many of you who has been on the Blog go to facebook we will have 30,000 people liking us!

Lets aim high and get as many people as possible to fulfill this!If anything do it for the Ed Westwick pictures that will be going up in the near future!

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