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What an amazing adventure it has been working with such a lovely and cool group of guys. Livingston were a pleasure to be around on set and really rocked it hard during the Berties Scene which was a hot and sticky experience underground in a very small apres ski bar.

So please take a look at this new video we made for them with footage from on Set, in the movie and from the UK premiere where the band played for crowds as they watched the red carpet and screaming girls fought to get a picture with Ed!


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So you guys are all gearing up to go and see Chalet Girl or maybe even go and see it again this weekend.

I am super excited for you to be able to kick back with your ben and Jerry’s ice cream / pic n mix and watch the best new rom-com in the cinema’s… haha – Ok I know I am bias but it is also true!

In the meantime I wanna tickle your tastebuds for some further snowtime action that I have found on the office flip video… They are actually pretty funny. So we have been in the edit suite all day today concocting new and exciting behind the scenes footage that has never been seen before so look out this weekend for it on the blog, twitter, facebook and youtube.

Clips to watch out for will be of Bill Nighy, Sophia Buch, Bill Bailey, Georgia King and Felicity Jones.

Also have a look at the interviews that will be being posted on the blog this weekend. We have one from Tamsin Egerton, Bill Bailey & our lovely Producer Harriet Rees…

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So its Sunday of the opening weekend of Chalet Girl… I am hearing amazing, superb and overwhelmingly nice things from all the fans and have all my fingers, toes… legs… eyes? Crossed for a successful opening weekend =)

But I want to hear more on what you thought!!!  Which track on the soundtrack is your favourite… as you know you can now listen to all the songs from the movie on Spotify, which is ace! So pop over to our facebook and click the shared link to add it to your accounts.

Also who is your favourite character… personally its a tough choice for me as I wouldnt want to upset any of my new and amazing mates but….. if I was truely honest I think Nicholas Braun is just tooooo funny! I wont even tell you what his jokes translate as in the German dubbed film, its enough to cover your ears!

Anyway thanks so much if you have been, are going or have got a massive group together as we really can not wait to discover just how much LOVE is out there for our film and are looking forward to some good figures (we hope) come monday morning!

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News of the World give us 4 Stars!!

THERE are some films that seem to court low expectations. And with Chalet Girl (“a SNOW-mantic comedy!” according to its vein- opener of a poster), mine were closer to the ground than a sausage dog’s dangling bits.

The signs were not good. Not only is it directed by the chump who foisted Sandra Bullock’s disastrous All About Steve on the world but its opening scene contains cameos from two Wrigley’s Extra-toothed goons off T4.

Yet, unexpectedly, Chalet Girl is a proper delight. It’s exactly the kind of funny, sunshiny, teen-skewed romcom that Britain normally struggles to make. There’s no “message” – just great performances from a talented, good- looking cast, and more charm and humour than both Bridget Jones movies put together.

In a potentially star-making turn, Felicity Jones plays Kim, a 19-year-old skateboarder who takes a summer job working for a couple of hee-hawing poshos (Bill Nighy and Brooke Shields) at their Austrian holiday home. Also working there is upper-class lass Georgie, played by St Trinian’s star Tamsin Egerton. She shows a real flair for comedy in this that I’ve not seen before – possibly cos all I’ve seen her in is St Trinian’s.

Class-clash high jinks unfold – as does romance, when Kim falls for her bosses’ hunky but taken son Jonny (Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick). AND there’s a big snowboarding competition to worry about. Can Kim scoop first place and a good man?

Well – this is a romcom so the outcome is predictable, but the sharp script and top cast sell it with ease.

So if you’re after a frothy, non-challenging night at the flicks, fear not, Alp is at hand.

And on reflection, that’s even worse than “snow-mantic”. Sorry.


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Director of Chalet Girl Interview

Its friday!!! And what a day it is today we have not only seen Ed Westwick eating Jam doughnuts and getting all sticky for Red Nose Day but I also have managed to get a hold of our Director all the way over in LA and grab a few thoughts on how it was for him to be shooting Chalet Girl in the mountains earlier this year.

If you are interested in hearing his side of the story then click on the ‘Interview with Cast & Crew’ and you will find new pictures as well.

Coming up with have interviews with Tamsin Egerton, Felicity Jones & Bill Nighy so keep coming back to see when we will be feeding you more content on the run up to release!!!

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LOVES POWDER GIRL!!! http://www.powdergirl-film.de/

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Very exciting news there are 6000 bus shelter posters going up all over the country and we want to know what your bus shelter looks like near you!

This bus shelter was taken by out writer Tom Williams in Warminster.

So if you fancy having a shout out on the official blog then send me your bus shelter pictures to chaletgirlfilms@gmail.com with your name, location and message you want to go up with it.

Looking forward to placing as many Bus shelter images from all over the country on the blog!!!!!!

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Holland Fans – what a top opening week!!

So the first doors have been opening in cinema’s all over Holland. On the 16th February we let the teenagers of Holland decide on what they thought of Chalet Girl the movie. We have so far had a wonderful response and with the holiday now happening we are hoping to double our figures at the box office.

If your in Holland and have seen the film or are going to see it, please let us know your thoughts, favourite bits and most of all what you think of the gorgeous Ed Westwick and beautiful british cast.

In the meantime we want to show our appreciation and give you all a shout out and say…  T H A N K   Y O U ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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Facebook Likes & Twitter Followers

As you can see we have only got 605 of you amazing Chalet Girl fans supporting the twitter feed… etc get a campaign going so that the rest of you Ed lovers, Felicity fanciers & Tamsin adorers to follow Chalet Girl and start commenting on what is coming up in the run up to the release. So far we have had a few naughty preview clips and sound juicy behind the scenes footage which I know you are keen to see. But the guys running the facebook page are holding more stuff back untill we get more of you involved and LIKE’in this and FOLLOW’in that.

Its embarrassing that we only have 1634 people who like us on facebook. I know we can do better than that and I am pretty sure that the majority of you just aren’t aware that this is now where the good content and exclusive content will be coming from.

So get involved, click the links below and support this wonderful british Rom-Com that is going to be hitting your screens SUPER SOON – 16th March!



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