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Amazing article in the Evening Standard


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So last night was the premiere for St Anton in Innsbruck. Harriet Rees our lovely Producer flew over to take part in the exciting event and to thank everyone who had been involved from the most amazing mountain town in the Austrain Alps.

St Anton has been the most wonderful and special place for everyone that has been involved in Chalet Girl and we are so pleased that we were able to shoot there.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the help of the incredible duo Martin & Wilma.  Who are in the picture below with the fab Gregor who plays Bernhard and of course Harriet.

Will post some pictures as soon as I see Harriet and grab her phone. I know she will have taken some.

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Facebook Likes & Twitter Followers

As you can see we have only got 605 of you amazing Chalet Girl fans supporting the twitter feed… etc get a campaign going so that the rest of you Ed lovers, Felicity fanciers & Tamsin adorers to follow Chalet Girl and start commenting on what is coming up in the run up to the release. So far we have had a few naughty preview clips and sound juicy behind the scenes footage which I know you are keen to see. But the guys running the facebook page are holding more stuff back untill we get more of you involved and LIKE’in this and FOLLOW’in that.

Its embarrassing that we only have 1634 people who like us on facebook. I know we can do better than that and I am pretty sure that the majority of you just aren’t aware that this is now where the good content and exclusive content will be coming from.

So get involved, click the links below and support this wonderful british Rom-Com that is going to be hitting your screens SUPER SOON – 16th March!



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The St Anton Taxi!!! Chalet Girl potential premiere cars….

What an evening last night!

Martin & Wilma from St Anton are in London for the world travel market at the Excel centre and came into town for supper at Bocca di Lupo. An amazing true to Italian restaurant with the finest meats, fish and vegetables I have ever eaten we feasted like kings & drank fine red wine. Super company and lots of exciting chat about Chalet Girl.


As we walked over to the restaurant we were met by Martin who was waiting with a taxi driver Tony, lovely chap, who had waited with Martin for half an hour outside the restaurant to show us the most fabulous of vehicles. The St Anton Taxi!!! This is not any ordinary london black cab but a Taxi with St Anton on the side of it. Just perfect for our potential premiere when we have been offered a whole fleet of them.

As St Anton the beautiful location of the movie has become much like family to us and we can not wait to show them the film. With Kim Wilde a close friends of St Anton and our music video being to her famous song… there are some lovely tie in’s.

Chequered Love

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Thanks Total Film !!

So due to being a technological f***wit I totally missed the email sent from my lovely producers saying that Total Film had totally popped a link, in an article about Chalet Girl, to my Blog! BRILLIANT!!!

I love this Magazine…

A huge THANK YOU to you Total Film for giving us a shout out. And what a super sexy surprise, my mum and dad will be proud!

(( although actually I am not sure this is really the right thing they should be reading. If anyone should meet them please say that I am very serious and important and work long hours in glamorous job in London. Partying – don’t have time 😉

Kind of got me thinking that if my WordPress was a child, I would have had ‘the social’ over to take my darling Mac away due to being an unfit mother… I have been neglecting my Blogchild in exchange for Post production coordinations… well and along with a few parties, a premiere, extra shoots at T4, photo shoots of cast and general made to do duties…. boring kind of stuff… nothing really worth writing about…

So in a bid to win back my devoted readers of the good old St Anton days along with the bid to gaining some new ones… I am turning over a new leaf. Total film you have re-inspired me to get typing!

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