The Crew

Director – Phil Traill

Writer – Tom Williams

Producers – Pippa Cross & Harriet Rees


Producers – Dietmar Güntsche & Wolfgang Behr

DOP – Ed Wild

1st AD – Joe Geary

Costume – Leonie Harthard

Assistant to the Producers, chief Blogger & party Planner – ME!

EPK Crew – Tim, Gend & Wils


5 responses to “The Crew

  1. any chance of an interview with Felicity Jones?

  2. I’m looking to get some info on the screenings. Who do I need to get in touch with?

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  4. Gillian

    Loved the film!Went to see it with my friend Jane mostly because we had done a short with Felicity in a marmite factory 6 years ago! Just looked at the crew pictures and see that the DOP and 1st AD are familiar faces too from there. Glad to see people have risen to such heights and hope that the stardust continues to shine on the rest of us! Thought the film and in particular Felicity’s performance,witty and fun and have been telling everyone I know to see it. (The poster hadn’t really sold it to me).
    Well done to all who were involved and hope that enough people go to see it to recoup and make it the success it deserves to be.

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